Truly grateful

As the new year started, we find ourselves overwhelmed by touching messages and words of thanks from our clients, now our cherished friends, who have truly felt the magic of Cuba.

We would like to share with you some of the kind words our clients have said of CIT over the years along with photos that bore witness to their unforgettable adventure.

Roberta Newlon, 5 stars

I’ve traveled to Cuba five times with Cultural Island Travel (CIT) beginning in 2015 (and just recently two weeks ago) and each trip was more exciting and memorable than the previous.  For a photographer, Cuba is sublime and CIT successfully creates an atmosphere of amazement, creativity, and excitement.’s been an amazing experience learning about the Cuban people.  The CIT staff that creates the itinerary does a great job; but our Guide, Ebony O Reilly, makes it magical.  She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, resourceful and creates an amazing experience for her people.  My friends and family ask me why I keep going back to Cuba.  I tell them to look on my Instagram and FB pages and they will see why.

My next trip with CIT will most likely be September 2020!


Lesley Wilson, 5 stars

Had a great time in Cuba!! Cultural Island Travel provides a great experience. All the tour guides are great but ask for Naomi If you have a choice. You will feel like she’s your best friend before your trip is complete. Can’t wait to visit again!!

Angela Sellers, 5 stars

I would like to send a sincere thank you to Cultural Island Travel (CIT)and Laura Gonzalez Chau, our amazing host and tour guide for creating such an amazing and affordable experience for our group. If you are considering traveling to Cuba, I would strongly encourage you to use this travel agency. Many people are hesitant to travel to Cuba, (CIT) will walk you through the steps and provide everything you need to travel. They communicated ensuring that every traveler had all documents. It does not matter if I return with 2 or more, I will return to Cuba and will ONLY go this route. Our itinerary was customized to maximize our every moment in Cuba.

If you want to travel without the stress of figuring out what to do, safety and an amazing vacation, choose Cultural Island Travel. They exceeded our expectations.

Robert Fierer, 5 stars

We had a great trip with our family. Theresa helped organize everything we wanted and was very helpful. Our guide, Fernando was awesome, helpful and interesting! All the special events, lodging and food were wonderful. Cuba is a wonderful place to visit and we can’t wait to return!

Paula Zackeru, 5 stars

As a single, female traveler, I had no idea what to expect when I arrived there. Was I going to be safe? Was I going to be able to go out at night and enjoy the music and nightlife that I had planned originally? I was treated like a princess and the answer is YES!

…this was a fantastic experience and I feel lucky to have found CIT. I am a travel agent and will be using CIT to book all of my future Cuba trips for my clients. I cannot wait to return to Cuba again and explore all of it’s beauty…people, sights and culture.



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