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Considered to be the “Pearl of the Antilles” and as the “Key to the New World,” Cuba has long captured the imagination of foreigners, drawing visitors from distant ports to its shores. Its distinctive charm emanates from its people and its atmosphere, nourished by some of the most captivating music, dance, and art of the last century and by a sense of enchantment that is all-pervading. With changes in U.S. Treasury Department regulations under President Obama, Cuba’s charm is now within the legal reach of all U.S. citizens under “Support for the Cuban people” travel. At Cultural Island Travel, our itineraries are fully compliant with this category.

The seed for Cultural Island was planted in 1999, when our director first traveled to Havana on Semester at Sea. Moved by the island’s pantheon of music and popular dances, she returned to New York and established Direct from Cuba, an organization which represented and arranged concerts and programs for some of Cuba’s preeminent musicians both in the US and abroad. It was during that time that she forged intimate and lasting ties with some of the luminaries and budding talent of the Cuban music, dance and visual arts scene. Today, these connections and relationships form the backdrop of our unique and coveted tours.

Cultural Island now operates at the vanguard of Cuban cultural tourism, just as relations with the island promise to pass into a more relaxed and expansive era. Our goal is to foster meaningful cultural exchange between Cubans and U.S. citizens, with an emphasis on music, dance, and visual art, in ways that are sure to be unforgettable for both parties. Our tours offer the most informed and in-depth view possible not only of Havana, the island’s bustling metropolis, but of the abundant and tucked-away niches of the interior. Excursions such as those from Havana to the tobacco farms of Pinar Del Rio, to the rumba dens of Matanzas, or the unique city of  Trinidad (to name but a few of our popular destinations), allow our clients to get off the beaten track and imbibe some of the island’s rural and coastal attractions and traditions.

Above all, we take great pains to ensure your peace of mind. Our team reflects the stellar quality of our tours and is happy to help you navigate the enigma of Cuba travel from start to finish. Ask us about our custom tours and allow us to craft a journey for you and your group around your particular interests and budget. We will do everything in our power to address your uncertainties, assuage your anxieties, and ensure your visit goes as smoothly as it should. We will make all of your plans with our incredible team so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy Cuba!

As any visitor is quick to discover, Cuba is a corner of the world that is truly set apart in every way. It is a portal to another dimension, one that is  safe, wholly unabashed and, at all times, welcoming and rewarding to one that wants to meet its amazing people. We would like to extend to you an invitation to come and fall in love with an island and a people that puts the arts first. Meet its finest musicians, dancers, and visual artists. Visit inspiring community project leaders and entrepreneurs. At Cultural Island, we understand Cuba from an insider’s perspective and are excited to share that perspective with you. The time is now! Travel to Cuba with us!


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