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Amazing Cuban Trip

George and Dan recently came back from their Cuban Music and Art tour very happy and delighted for having had the most wonderful time in Havana and Trinidad.

Why we do what we do

George and Maria recently returned from their trip and sent us this letter with such deep insight of their experience… Hi Teresa, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on our great trip. So here are some comments regarding the tour, guides, meals, etc. 1.    Ari is a great guy who is […]

“Our trip to Cuba was truly outstanding!” – Scott family testimonial

The Scott family recently came back from their tour and sent us this lovely email: Dear Teresa, Our Cuba trip was truly outstanding!  Overall, there is nothing but praise we have for Teresa, Donna and Ebony from Cultural Island Travel.  We were introduced to a friendly, happy country with wonderful people, food and culture.  From […]

Come Back to Cuba

As one of our past travelers, I invite you to return to Cuba to create more wonderful memories in timeless Havana. How about a second trip to explore parts of the island that you have not visited? Let us help you recreate some of the magic you felt during your first trip. Cuba remains a fascinating […]

Up close and personal with CIT tour guide Irma

“I never forget the farewell at the airport- it’s the hardest part of this job, getting to know, appreciate and love these people so fast, and then hugging them goodbye and not knowing when or if you will ever see them personally again, but almost 100% of the time we stay in touch and we […]

An Interview With CIT Tour guide EBONY O’REILLY

An Interview With CIT Tour Guide EBONY O’REILLY “After I left Cuba the first time I left with more questions than answers. It was such an intriguing place, so full of vitality and contradictions. It had hooked me!” You’ve been living in Cuba for almost 4 years now – how did you first end up […]

Cuba is open and so much has changed. Call us today for updated information on a trip of a lifetime to Cuba!!
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