Irma Glez- Cuba Tour Guide

Irma grew up in Havana before moving to the US, giving her a first-hand perspective on both US and Cuban culture.

She returned to Cuba at 16 to finish high school and was admitted to the University of Havana to study Psychology. She graduated in 2008 summa cum laude. As a university student she participated in extracurricular activities such as musical performances and sporting competitions.

After her graduation she stayed on as an assistant professor at the University teaching psychotherapy and psychological diagnosis courses. 

In 2012 she finished her Master’s degree in clinical psychology and she is currently working on her PhD.

In addition to her current tour leading work, she free-lances with translation and consulting tasks and works as a production assistant with Vedado Films.


What Our Customers Say About Cultural Island Travel

Edwin Baldoni, June 2018

Hi Irma,

We both had a great time.

I don’t know if you noticed but when we left you at the airport Mary Kay started crying because she said she was going to miss you and Cuba.

Also, I want to thank you for going out of your way to take us to see Fernando and his work shop. He is so proud of what he does, as he should be. I’m sure I will never ride in a model T again!

Best regards,

Edwin Baldoni

Sandy & Barbara 2017

“Most important was having Irma as our travel guide in Cuba. We have traveled extensively throughout the world and Irma’s ease of connecting with our group made for a perfect beginning. She also was able to connect with other guides we met as well as many local people to set the tone for a rich experience.

In addition, her knowledge of history, culture, and everyday life in Cuba was priceless. We had discussions that lasted the whole day without realizing how much time had passed. This will stay with us for a long time. Her enthusiasm made us appreciate the music and dancing on a daily basis.”

Barbara O

I just wanted to let you and CIT know what a great experience I had in Cuba! My tour guides, Irma and Ari were superb, and the drivers — Victor in particular — were great! Above all, the people of Cuba were warm and friendly. I enjoyed every site we visited in particular, Vinales! The tour group was fun to be with also. I will definitely visit Cuba again — possibly next year — to pick up where I left off. I left my heart (mi corazon) in Cuba!