Ebony O’ Reilly – Tour Leader

Ebony hails from Ireland and has been living in Cuba for the past five years. A former student of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Havana, she graduated with a BA in French and Spanish and then worked as a portrait photographer for four years before moving to Havana. She loves to travel and is passionate about languages and experiencing new cultures. From her very first trip in 2006, Cuba has been a constant source of interest and inspiration both personally and professionally. She loves the humor of the people, their often poetic nature, resourcefulness and ingenuity and how music, dance and art seem to spill from every doorstep.


What Our Customers Say About Cultural Island Travel

Sheldon D., January 2019

Our guide, Ebony was truly outstanding. She was very attentive, always on time, paced the itinerary well, was fluent in Spanish and English, made us feel comfortable and welcome, and had a wealth of knowledge about the country. We had a memorable, stimulating, fun, and effortless vacation mainly because of Ebony’s relaxed manner and expertise about Cuba.

The Scott Family, November 2018

Ebony was instructional, helpful, engaging and made every day more enjoyable than the day before. Ebony went out of her way to extend herself to our family. She arranged special times with restaurants, musicians, friends and a birthday party! We truly bonded with her. If and when we return we will definitely request Ebony as our guide.

Richard Lemon

Our guide in Cuba was extraordinary. My family of five, from 3 years old to my 70, fell in love with her, partly because of her nature and partly from her dedication to the Cuban ways. She did not have the normal high pitched personality of tour guides. She had a care for us, an intelligence both emotional and intellectual, which made every part of the trip personal.

Jessica Heideman

I also wanted to say how thankful I am for having Ebony as a guide. She was so knowledgeable of the country and very genuine/ sincere with her delivery of information. I plan to keep in touch with her and will always be thankful Cuba introduced me to a lifelong friend.

 Stuart Wurtzel and Patrizia von Brandenstein Wurtzel

And where do I begin about Ebony O’Reilly. Gracious, smart and knowledgeable about everything we asked. She worked hard to keep us happy. We kept throwing requests at her in addition to our itinerary and she managed never to disappoint. Ebony is definitely tops in our book.

April & Michael Loomis

Whatever you are paying Ebony, double or triple her wages! She made a good trip wonderful. We all fell just a bit in love with her! She handled everything so smoothly, keeping the group engaged and together while addressing individual needs or requests. When things did go a bit off schedule (who could predict crab migration day) she made it all work anyway. I was having a bit of trouble keeping up with the walking pace and she made sure I was comfortable and taken care of all the time. She went out of her way to help us find a bongo selling store. There are just countless ways she made the trip so lovely.

Vanessa Grano

Jordan and I had a great vacation. We especially loved Ebony. She is a true gem! One of the nicest and most considerate people I have ever met. She is generally pretty knowledgeable and whatever she didn’t know, she found out(and w/o internet!!!!)

Ronnie Ben Zion

Thanks for organizing this amazing trip. Many thanks to Ebony, our fearless leader, who took us to the coolest places, made every effort to accommodate our desires, and orchestrated an itinerary to make sure we’re all having fun. And special thanks to our expert guide Mario for his wit, enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and great spirit.

Judith Love

Ebony was the lynch pin of success of our trip. Her competence and gentle quality made everything flow smoothly. She was always on time and always had us on time with her smiling face and charming Irish accent. She was our treasure and it was always a pleasure to be with her.

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